Chat Spasm Random Video Chat

It's a pity that such nice looking sites such as Chat Spasm suffer from a lack of users, though it does usually have more users than most random video chat sites I've been to lately, about a dozen.

As I'm beginning to always say I guess it just needs some exposure.


  1. I tryed and... nothing, no one, the desert...
    An other useless chatroulette clone,,,

  2. Just checked it out... 11 users online, yet I couldn't connect to a single one. Nice looking layout, though. Should be interesting to see what happens going forward.

  3. This website uses the same graphics as so many random chat websites... wtf... try please

  4. Hi my friend,

    why did u remove the link from your website? I am still linking to urs. U should have told me before, this is not a right thing to do.

    Makiavel -

  5. Hi Makiavel,

    Last time I checked your site I couldn't find the link to my site, I could have just overlooked it, but I'm sure I couldn't see it at the bottom of your page.

    Anyway, I've added yours back to mine.

    Have a good one.

  6. Ah ok thanks no probs...

    i would like to talk to u in private. if you remember my email, contact me when u have time. Thanks!

  7. This is just off the shelve software thats pretty cheap to buy, so thats why theres no one init and if there were lots of users it would probably struggle to cope !

  8. This site actually has potential. The design is a 1000% better than many of the others. Most of
    the sites have way too many ads and some even have adwords, which makes a site look cheap.

    Word is that this site will be launching a
    marketing campaign soon and they will be
    adding a new interface with enhancements that
    will revolutionize the webcam chat industry.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  9. That's a shame, it's the third time I go on this website, I can't see anyone..

  10. Anyone interested in sites like this should definately check out to that list! It's literally brand new, has several ways to meet people on the site, it's going to have even more within the next month and an android and iphone app very soon! check it out!

  11. It looks like this site is for sale at Flippa.

    Maybe I'll buy it and get more people there.

  12. skype with me,jayman85213
    just a top not bot


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