SeshRoulette, Chatroulette for Tokers

A couple posts back I mentioned that some of the less popular Chatroulette alternatives could do well by concentrating on specific audiences, would make my job a lot more interesting and it's always nice to come across a site trying to set itself apart from the rest and SeshRoulette is one site like that, no guessing which audience they're targeting.

SeshRoulette also has a community chat and after reading a few entries it looks like SeshRoulette's random video chat service may be down at the time of writing this post, so I guess I really can't comment on how active it is, but judging from the community chat it looks like it may be very active.


Know of a great Chatroulette alternative? Had an awesome experience of one of the services listed on this blog? Then please feel free to share your finds and experiences by leaving a comment.

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