Top 5 Chatroulette Alternatives

This is a list of my top 5 Chatroulette alternatives, based mostly on how many active users they attract because I like them busy and hassle free,

No.1 - Omegle video chat takes out the number 1 spot, because it certainly has numbers, I just don't know how many, there really doesn't seem to be any shortage of users from all walks of life using it.

Though it does have a few drawbacks, namely, at most it takes 3 clicks to get to the next person and it's seemingly random captcha spam filter thing. Though it's so solid I don't give a damn.

No.2 - Chathopper (no longer active) claims to have 10,000 users on at any given time and I can believe it, never a shortage of peeps to next. What stops it from taking the number 1 spot is the fact that it's interface can get a little clunky at times and the page is a little to cluttered for my liking.

No.3 - ShufflePeople (no longer active) usually has around 5,000 users on, no shortage there then, the only reason it took my number 3 spot is because of that annoying pop-up and the refreshing ads, makes my old ass machine struggle a little.

No.4 - Flipchat is a solid performer and it would could have earned a number 3 spot if it weren't for its lower user base which is around 1,000.

No.5 - Facebuzz usually has around 600 users on and the only reason it takes the number 5 spot is there really isn't a lot of other Chatroulette alternatives that pass the 500 user mark.

So there it is, my top 5 Chatroulette alternatives, there are a couple that could have made the list, but they didn't work for at the time of writing this post. Other than that, there really isn't a lot of others that are as busy as my top 5, let's just hope that the ones I have bookmarked and ready to post throw up some gems.


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Know of a great Chatroulette alternative? Had an awesome experience of one of the services listed on this blog? Then please feel free to share your finds and experiences by leaving a comment.

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