Roundchat Random Chat

Right back to it aye, been awhile hasn't it. Pickings certainly ain't getting any slimmer, it's just that a lot of sites all use the same random chat scripts, which is O.K those scripts are pretty solid, the problem is most of the sites aren't drawing a lot of users.

It can be fun at times chatting to folks on these sites because there just isn't anyone else to chat to, you're forced to stick with who you land on, sometimes it's good not to be mindlessly nexted like on some of the bigger sites.

Anyway here we have Roundchat, like many other sites there's a common script in use, given that it has a nice clean cut layout, well thought out information and some good resources.


  1. This one has over 5,000 users online at a time

  2. My favorite is omegle. Did you read the post over at lovinglyshared? She talks about random chat and says more women should do it. I agree.
    Thought you'd appreciate that.

  3. 7000 users


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