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It's been quite some time since my last post, sorry about that, I've been thinking about what I should do with Sites Like Chatroulette, seeing that the blog was specifically about random chat sites and seeing that that pools dried up I thought I'd open up the blog to a broader range of video chat sites, namely anything that's half decent.

For my return to hopefully regular posting I thought I'd start with a Russian site called Smotri, it's mainly a video hosting site, much like Youtube, but what we're interested in most over here is that it offers live user broadcasts, there are loads of interesting cams to watch, far more than most random chat sites have to offer these days, had some epic times on Smotri. The only real problem with Smotri is that if you can't understand Russian, chat won't be much use to you, occasionally you will encounter English speakers, but if you're a lil bit of a voyeur like I am then that shouldn't matter to much.

Navigating Smotri can be a little difficult due to the language barrier and you'll need to register to get to the erotic broadcasts but I'll guide you through the process.

If you're not interested in the erotic cams then just click on Трансляции near the top of the page, that will get you to the live cams. If you're interested in the naughty ones then you'll have to register. In the top right corner of the page click Войти, you will get a sign-in pop-up, click on регистрация, enter your email and click the button, on the next page enter a username, password and login name, enter captcha, tick agree and hit the button. You should get an email with your login details.
Smotri Registration Guide
Begin registration.
Smotri Registration Guide
Click the word in red circle.
Smotri Registration Guide
Enter Email, click button.
Smotri Registration Guide
Enter a username, password, login name, captcha, tick box, click button.
To get to the sexy cams, once logged in click Трансляции then click Эротика the last option on the menu above the cam previews, pick a cam and then click the blue button on what I'm assuming is the "are you 18" check, you'll get cam previews for the erotic broadcasts now.

Hope that helps.

Smotri is definitely worth a look.

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