What Video Chat Sites Do You Use?

Quality random video chat sites are getting to be few and far between, I seem to be stumbling across an endless run of ghost towns and I'm quickly becoming aware that there's more fun to be had among my list of your more traditional chat sites.

I think it's time to change things up a bit and I'm going to start sharing any video chat site that's worth a damn instead of just focusing on sites like Chatroulette.

I have a couple hundred decent chat sites bookmarked that I'll be sharing over the coming weeks, in the meantime I'd like to know what video chat sites you use? have you found any gems you'd like to share, if so just leave a comment below.


  1. www.HotXChat.com got revamped with a new look and faster connection speeds! pretty decent :)

  2. funtasticam.com I like that there are now almost no guys and some funny girls.

  3. I use chatrevolve and bazoocam they are the best.

  4. Check out Reflap a great chatroulette alternative and a place for awesome free video chat and group chat.


Know of a great Chatroulette alternative? Had an awesome experience of one of the services listed on this blog? Then please feel free to share your finds and experiences by leaving a comment.

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