My Favorite Random Video Chat Sites

I have a few go to sites when it comes to random video chat, more often than not they're the ones that work the smoothest and have the most users at any given time. My choices may come as no surprise buy I thought I'd share them anyway.

Omegle is probably my favorite, more often than not I'll just hop on Omegles text chat, always loads of people and have had some pretty interesting conversations on there.

I've got to give props to the inspiration for this very site, Chatroulette, there's always a good time to be had on Chatroulette, though there are a few things about it that frustrate me. When I first started out on Chatroulette I would notice quite a long pause after encountering a few random strangers, I thought it may have been due to my computer at the time which was pretty old and slow, but after purchasing a beast of a machine the issue still remains. Other than that major frustration I have with it, you just can't go past how many users there is to have a bit of a laugh with.

I also really like Camzap, it really isn't much different than most others, I think why I prefer Camzap to most others is for the same reason I like the first two, it has quite a big user base.

Facebuzz is another that has a pretty good user base and is always good for passing a few moments.

Not the biggest list, I know, but when I just want to get in it, these are my go to random video chats sites.

On a side note, when I get the motivation, I have a couple dozen other sites to post about.

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Know of a great Chatroulette alternative? Had an awesome experience of one of the services listed on this blog? Then please feel free to share your finds and experiences by leaving a comment.

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