Camzap Beta Public Rooms

Camzap is already a solid alternative to Chatroulette, offering several languages, a solid design and what seems like an endless stream of strangers to chat with. I hadn't been on for awhile and I just noticed they are offering new features through Camzap Beta which allows you to create public rooms, where by the looks of it anyone can view.

However broadcasting and the social aspects of Camzap Beta require registration, you can also get free daily credits and the option to buy more, I'm not entirely sure what these credits are used for, I couldn't manage to use any.

I had a little bit of fun as an unregistered user just browsing the live public rooms, so I decided to register, signing up definitely adds to the experience.

PS, don't forget to claim you daily credits, once I figure out what they're for I'll update this post.

4 out of 5 stars
Reviewer:Ross - May 21, 2012

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