How To Record Chatroulette Free And Easy

So you want to record video of your Chatroulette adventures, well you've come to the right place, it's not as hard as you may think.

Below is a simple guide on how to record Chatroulette, best of all it's free and easy.

How To Record Chatroulette

First you'll want to download a free piece of software called CamStudio, after that install it, open it and you're ready to record.

First make sure to check that region is checked in the region menu, hit record and drag a box around the area you want to record, in this case probably the Chatroulette video window.

When you're ready to stop recording, click the stop button, name and save it and your newly recorded video will begin to play and that's it, you're done.

Things to note
As with most screen recording software the resulting video files can be huge so it may pay to look at some settings tutorials on youtube, there are plenty of configurations to set, in the end it's all about personal choice.

Here are the settings I use

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