Chatroulette Alternative Omegle Video

Omegle has been around for a long time in terms of random text chats and I guess it wasn't any surprise to see them add video to their service.

Omegle is one of my favorite sites like Chatroulette, always a nice mix of people on, very few hangs and fast streams.

Though there is a lot of annoying things about it as well. The major one is for me to connect to the next person, I have to click disconnect, confirm the disconnect and then click next to get to the next person.

Another annoyance is the captcha they have in place, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it pops up and it disrupts the flow.

But it still remains one of my favorites, why? because of the people, nice crowd.


Know of a great Chatroulette alternative? Had an awesome experience of one of the services listed on this blog? Then please feel free to share your finds and experiences by leaving a comment.

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